Edenchain took a huge step towards adaptation

Finally, its happening Eden has secured a huge partnership with a food delivery service provider to incentivize their users more details are yet to come. The team is busy laying out a business plan for that.

DeFi space is overrated

The Defi space is overrated and there are very few projects which have real use cases and are bringing some value otherwise most of the partnerships are formality based and the price appreciation is based on speculation.

Does Eden have the potential to become the most valuable Defi project?

Eden has a huge potential to become the most valuable Defi project because the team behind it came up with a perfect solution for volatility which exists in all markets but the Crypto is the most volatile of all where you never know when you invest and might lose half of your money in minutes, to counter that Orbit was developed, trained and tested in a volatile market where it outperformed the market 5 times.

Despite huge development the lack of price appreciation

People often complain that the price is lower than the ICO which was 0.06 cents, it’s not the team’s job to control the price unlike other projects in the Crypto space where the teams are involved in manipulation and misconduct. Things are about to change the team is working on all fronts to make Eden more valuable.

“Mere form without substance must collapse of its own weight.” by Clarence Manion

The above quote defines the philosophy of James ahn the Ceo of Edenchain, the team has laid a solid foundation by developing Orbit a machine-learning-based Investment model, James ahn is very selective in his approach to onboard partners because the partnership should be mutually beneficial not artificial.

Marketing and website update

The work has already started on the website Moa.finance to be redesigned and once the product is fine-tuned and ready to be released then the marketing will start.

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