Finally, its happening Eden has secured a huge partnership with a food delivery service provider to incentivize their users more details are yet to come. The team is busy laying out a business plan for that.

DeFi space is overrated

The Defi space is overrated and there are very few…

Eden started as a very promising project in the blockchain to solve the scalability problem, with a different vision and in a span of a year, it achieved its target but unfortunately, James ahn the CEO of Edenchain couldn’t capitalise on that success due to lack of experience in the…

There are hundreds of DeFi projects in Crypto, mostly driven by speculation without real value, yet there are some real hidden gems people rarely know about them, redefining the word DeFi.

Orbit a machine-learning-based investment model created by Eden foundation

If you have missed the train to invest earlier in…

It all started in may 2018 Edenchain raised 36 million usd with a promise to deliver a permissioned blockchain designed for Enterprises.

Soon after releasing a mainnet edenchain couldn't attract investors or onboard partners to take advantage of its private blockchain and the lack of proper marketing and liquidity affected…

Maria Stilo

DeFi lover. Blockchain enthusiast, Tesla share holder since 2012 and Ellon musk’s no 1 Fan

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